Awhile back, we decided to remodel our kitchen, dining room, laundry room and bathroom. While we initially considered different contractors we chose James Shepard because of his many years of experience and his warm & skilled approach. Another major factor for choosing his company was because a large-scale remodel job that he had done at our church about a year before with a resulting outcome that was truly beautiful and inspiring. 1 can wholeheartedly say we were very pleased indeed with the work that they did on our home. Those involved in the project from the office to those on the job site were not only very professional, but pleasant and considerate. When we experienced difficulty in obtaining the flooring supplies that we had chosen, Jim’s staff kept on the issue until it was resolved. We were extremely gratified with the work his staff did on our behalf. Because of the quality work that his company did for our family and on our church, we definitely recommended James V. Shepard, Inc. without reservations. We couldn’t be happier.


After we moved to Paso Robles in April 2007, we interviewed and evaluated three local builders to construct our new home, and chose Jim Shepard for the job. Jim was not only the most competitive bid, but we were also impressed with his professional, business-like approach to the project in that he started by developing nominal cost estimates for each major building component. Then, during the course of construction we had the option of either sticking with the nominal estimates or of choosing either higher or lower cost alternative; any resulting differential was then either added to or subtracted from the total project cost. As an example, the price of the cabinetry we ultimately selected was nearly twice the original estimate which was reflected in the overall cost.

On the whole, the construction proceeded smoothly with minor delays occasioned mostly by rainy weather which kept the roofers idle, and interior finishing which always takes longer than anticipated.

We finally occupied the home in early April of 2008. Since that time, Jim has always punctually responded to routine questions and emergencies when requested, and has recently constructed a minor addition to the home.

Please feel free to contact Jim to visit our home or to call us for further information.


When we did our kitchen remodel, we were going to hire the individual subcontractors ourselves originally but decided to have a consultation with Jim Shepard first. From the start, Jim showed us some options and ideas we had not even thought about as well as pointing out a few pitfalls we were not aware of. Being impressed with his knowledge, we decided to hire him as our general contractor instead of trying to save money by going ahead and hiring the subs ourselves.

It became apparent quickly that we would not have saved any real money by doing it ourselves because of his bargaining power with the subcontractors and the material suppliers. However, what was the most apparent was how much quicker out project was completed then what other people we knew had experienced. Things went very smoothly, any problems were handled by Jim himself personally so we did not have to be involved and the end product was even better than we had imagined. More then once we said to each other that we were glad we did not attempt it ourselves when it was being done. Jim was always checking the job when it was underway and his entire staff was always prompt, professional and courteous. You really do get what you pay for and in Jim’s case, we even got what we didn’t have to pay for as well as a quality end product.


It will soon be ten years since our first meeting with you about construction projects around our home and agricultural operation. We thought you’d like to know this has been one of the best business relationships of our lives (we’re both 66). Whether the structure was a driveway, roof, walkway, fireplace, generator, indoor swimming pool or something else, the work was always done to high standards.

As you know, I was once a builder myself so I have a better-than-average idea of what I’m looking at when you create something for us. The quality is always first class, including the parts of the structure that the government inspectors pay little or no attention to.

In anyone’s project, things are likely to go wrong. What is most telling about a construction company is not the things that go right but how the company handles those that inevitably don’t. Your firm demonstrates a professionalism we have rarely seen.

Most importantly, Jim, we do not feel a need to be in a defensive mode toward your crews or your company. When Shepard’s people show up, it’s fun. We’re glad to have them here and we know we don’t need to be afraid of what they might do to our property.

We are looking forward to many more years of doing business with you, Jim. You are one of a kind.


Dear Jim,

I am pleased to write this letter as a testimony of my great satisfaction for your services as my general contractor. The job was extensive: the complete re-roofing of the house, carpentry, painting, gutter, and more. I commend you for the excellent subcontractors you chose and coordinated. The work was done without undue delays, and the business aspect of our relationship was always aboveboard and done with integrity. In short, I enthusiastically recommend you to anyone for any job, large or small.